Concerts, Fundraisers, Show Girls and UFC all under one roof!

M ResortYou must be wondering “where is this magical place and when can I get a ticket?”  I have three words for you; Las Vegas, baby.  In today’s blog I’m going to tell you who The M Resort Spa and Casino (one of Vegas’ hottest new resorts) chose to solve their application challenge.

M ResortIf you guessed ClearSpan Fabric Structures, you guessed right!  We didn’t work with the resort directly, but with a third party construction company.  They knew the proper requirements and together we built excellence.  The resort required a building large enough to not only safely hold several thousand people, but one that could accommodate the variety in events they planned to utilize the building for.  I wasn’t exaggerating with the title, from sporting events and live performances to Mardi gras themed parties and charity auctions this Hercules Truss Arch Building hosts it all.

M ResortThe M Resort decided on a 120′ wide x 210′ long ClearSpan Fabric Structure.  They went with our 22 oz. tan vinyl fabric for the cover and spared no expense with accessories.  This Hercules Truss Arch is jacked up with a full insulation package, climate controlled heating and cooling, state-of-the –art lighting and sound equipment, a lobby area and a covered walkway form the resort into the venue.  Unfortunately for me neither the hotel nor our project was complete the last time I was in Vegas so I can only speak from seeing pictures when I say this building is amazing!

M ResortTake a look below at some of the fun events hosted in the M Resort’s ClearSpan Fabric Structure.

M ResortM ResortM ResortM ResortM ResortM Resort

I plan on visiting the M Resort to take a look at this impressive structure the next time I’m in Vegas and I suggest you do too.  When I say that ClearSpan Fabric Structures are perfect for a variety of applications I mean it.  Not only are they suitable for various applications among different industries, they’re versatile in the same industry and for the same company.

What type of event would you be most excitied to see in our Hercules Truss Arch Building at the M Resort Spa and Casino?

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