Who Doesn’t Love a Little Bling? Accessorize Your Indoor with ClearSpan

Some BlingFrom my trade show travels I’ve learned a few things about the equine industry. There are many common features among the people of this community; however, I’ve narrowed it down to three. First, they’re all very passionate and committed when it comes to riding and training. Two, they love animals. Usually if they have at least one horse there is bound to be a dog and a couple barnyard cats nearby too. Finally, they all love bling (at least the ladies do)! I love people watching at horse shows to view the bedazzled belt buckles and bright pink cowboy hats passing by. At one show, I even purchased a rhinestone-encrusted lanyard to hold my exhibitor pass to be a part of the sparkling fun. With all this accessorizing it only makes stylistic sense to “jack-up” your indoor riding arena too!

Wore it bestWho wore it best?
I hate when I go to an event and realize I have on the same outfit as someone else. People like to be different and have their own identity. No one wants to be confused for someone else, and by the same token, no one wants their business or livelihood to be confused with a competitor’s. Purchasing a ClearSpan Fabric Structure indoor riding arena is usually the first step in differentiating your business from the competition, but what if the competitor has a fabric indoor arena as well? We offer a multitude of options and accessories to add a personal touch to your indoor arena.

Jazz UPJazz up the exterior
We always recommend our 12.5 oz. white polyethylene fabric as the best cover option for our indoor arenas. Of course, our customers are free to choose from a variety of other colors such as tan, gray, blue, red and green. Choosing the white guarantees the most natural light to enter the arena, creating a bright and tranquil atmosphere. Nevertheless, we still want to provide our customers with the option to personalize, maybe to match their company’s logo. This is why we also offer a trim or end panel package. Customers will order white fabric for the main portion of their building, but will then either order a color for the trim or certain sections of the building to allow for a fun look.

Good Pair of ShoesEveryone loves a good pair of shoes
Just as it is important for shoes to support your body, the building’s footings or anchors need to support its frame. No two bodies are the same and neither are any two fabric structures. Factors like wind and snow loads play a role in determining the type of foundation needed for a building, but we also want you to have a say. Our customers can choose from a variety of options like pony walls, helical anchors, concrete piers, or one that is very popular within this industry, wooden posts with an interior kick wall.

To Cover UpTo cover up, or to show some skin?
Climate and weather are always huge factors when determining how to accessorize. If you’re in a cold climate you’ll definitely want panels for both ends of the building; however, if you’re in Florida or Texas it might be cost effective to leave them off. What if you’re in New England or California where the weather can go from really hot to really cold? Luckily for these customers, we offer roll-up or drop-down sides for our buildings, as well as a variety of doors as well. By choosing some of these options you’ll have more control over the climate of your building.

Mood LightingMood lighting
We all know that lighting can really make or break the look of something. Luckily for ClearSpan customers, daytime lighting is never the issue. Many equestrian businesses stay open into the night to accommodate their clientele. With our lighting packages, nighttime lighting is never an issue either. We have everything from LED high efficiency lighting to fluorescent tube lights and high-bay lighting. Pick the lighting you look best in!

Seasonal StylesSeasonal styles
As with fashion, keeping your building in season is very important. We offer a multitude of fans and vents to keep your indoor cooler in the summer and provide better airflow all year long. No matter the climate, we usually recommend at least two louvers on each end of your building to draw fresh air across its length. We have a variety to choose from. For the colder seasons we can provide many heaters to warm up your arena. From radiant in-floor heat to forced air and infrared space heaters, we have everything to accommodate the changes in seasons.

Changing RoomsChanging rooms
Many of our customers decide that the most efficient use of their space is to design an indoor with space for stalls and horse boarding inside too. Even horses need a little privacy which is why we offer a variety of stalls and horse accessories such as mats and spray stations to decorate their rooms.

Belts of IndoorThe belts of indoor
In the spirit of keeping with my accessory theme, fences are the belts of today’s indoor. Fences are needed to divide areas of property, as well as contain certain horses or items. ClearSpan can provide a plethora of fencing and dividing options including electric fencing.

AccessorizeNot only is accessorizing a fashion statement, it is also a requirement when it comes to the equine industry. You don’t want your indoor fabric arena to be the laughing stock of other fashionable barns. Make sure you pick options and accessories that will not only aid in daily operations, but ones that are aesthetically pleasing as well.

In this blog I referenced several ClearSpan accessories being like clothing accessories. How many do you think you could come up with?

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