One Small Step for Man, One Giant Pull for Distribution— ClearSpan’s Top 10 Conveyors

ConveyorsIt’s amazing to think how something invented in the 19th century is still being used for product distribution today. From agriculture and mining to material handling and transportation, industries across six continents use conveyor belts to efficiently move products every day.

Because we’re the building provider for many industries we realize the value a conveyor belt holds for companies. Luckily, we provide in-house engineering as one of the services that comes with our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings. If a conveyor belt is needed, we will design the structure to support the weight and size of it with no problems. We’ve have a lot customers over the years require this service and in a variety of industries.

ConveyorHoused in a 55′ wide x 55′ long ClearSpan building, this conveyor is used to transport bulk materials for this Saint Joseph, MO company.

ConveyorOur next conveyor belt is supported by a 63′ wide x 60′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building. Located in Huntington, UT it is used to move industrial materials.

ConveyorAlso located in Utah is one of our newer installs with a conveyor. This conveyor belt calls Castle Rock home in an 83′ wide x 70′ long Hercules Truss Arch Industrial Storage Building.

ConveyorWest Pittsburg, Pa is the site of our next conveyor. Used for agricultural purposes, this belt enters through the side panel of our 83′ wide x 140′ long ClearSpan Fabric Structure.

ConveyorPulling grain into the 100′ wide x 200′ long tension-fabric structure for storage is the job of this Rochelle, IL conveyor.
ConveyorThe purpose of this next conveyor belt in unknown to our ClearSpan team, but it is used to either transport materials in or out of this 100′ wide x 100′ long Topeka, KS building. Some believe that a successful snack food company is its end user.

ConveyorLocated in Camanche, IA, this conveyor moves salt into this 120′ wide x 200′ long storage facility.

ConveyorThis next Hercules Truss Arch Building may not have to support the weight of the conveyor, but it sure has to accommodate its size. This conveyor is used to move coal into this 120′ wide by 225′ long coal storage building.

ConveyorHonduras is home of this next giant conveyor. Its purpose is to move salt for industrial purposes into the 120′ wide x 450′ long ClearSpan Fabric Structure.

ConveyorIt is only fitting that our largest building to date has the largest conveyor, too. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, CA this 250′ wide x 240′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building requires a little help from its belt friend. This conveyor is responsible for moving wood chips into this giant facility.

We always try our best to accommodate our customers’ needs and building requirements. Often times this means designing a structure to support not only itself in wind and snow, but a couple ton conveyor belt as well. We are able to this with ease and enjoy meeting the customization and design requirements of our customers.

When we think of conveyor belts we normally associate them with industrial or agricultural applications. What unique purpose have you heard conveyor belts being used for?

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