ClearSpan Supports the Arts— Spotlight on Castleton Music Festival

Castleton Music FestivalYou’ve definitely heard me talk about the interesting applications our customers use our ClearSpan Fabric Structures for and this week’s blog post will feature one of the best. The town of Castleton, VA needed a solution to solve their lack of an indoor music venue and reception center. They found the answer in two Hercules Truss Arch Buildings. Check out how we support the arts and how we met the customization requirements they needed to make their facility top notch!

Castelton Audience Maestro Lorin Maazel, a world-famous orchestra conductor, dedicates his life and farm to his love for classical music. Maazel trains young musicians to perform at the Castleton Music Festival in Castleton, VA. In order to hold this festival at the farm, Maazel and his team needed to build a facility that could be outfitted with systems to keep the audience and performers comfortable, yet still be aesthetically pleasing.

Director of Production John Harris was assigned the task of researching options for the venue and decided on two Hercules Truss Arch Buildings to serve as the Music Theater and Castleton Festival Café. Harris Castleton Cafedetermined that an outdoor amphitheater or tent would not work for this application because they would not properly capture the sounds of the symphony’s music. Also, the music festivals are held during the hot Virginia summers, making total enclosure and air conditioning a must—two features a tent or outdoor theater could not offer.

Castleton Music FestivalThe spacious interior and lack of internal supports in a Truss Arch Building provide an ideal atmosphere for a music theater. Inside the larger of the two buildings there is a stage and auditorium that seats approximately five hundred people. The building is air conditioned throughout and is outfitted with full lighting and sound systems. Harris says, “The number of trusses installed in the building to meet snow-load requirements also helped us hang lighting equipment.” The smaller building is used for gala dinner events and VIP receptions. Harris explains, “We wanted a place where the aesthetics work not just for the performance, but for the  Castleton Music Theateraudience.” He continues, “The folks at ClearSpan were incredibly enthusiastic in trying to make this work for me.”

Harris was most impressed by the different ClearSpan teams he worked with. He says, “The design process, the engineering process, and most importantly, the construction process were all great. They worked with me right down to the very minute to get this facility up and ready in a very short amount of time.”

Castleton TheatreInstalling the 72′ wide x 56′ long and 100′ wide x 170′ long buildings was interesting for our construction crews. The larger building actually has two levels, with its bottom level being underground to accommodate the needs of the orchestra and stage logistics/effects. We love that our customers are thinking beyond the confines of traditional structures and are looking to ClearSpan to be their innovative building solution provider.

Castleton my act as a music theater and café now, but the options are limitless for the future. What other forms of entertainment do you think would benefit Castleton to add to their event calendar?

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