Fate Led Us Together- Spotlight on Destiny’s View

Making a large-scale purchase is not a decision to be taken lightly. A lot of research and leg work is involved, especially when it comes to an investment like an indoor riding arena. Customers have certain criteria in which they judge a company by; such was the case in this week’s spotlight on Destiny’s View.Destiny's View

Destiny’s View, owned by Jim and Kathy Lee Bonner, offers horse breeding, training and riding. In order to provide these services year round, the Bonners decided to look into indoor riding arenas. They compared wood, steel and fabric buildings and found that fabric had the most benefits. Jim explains, “There was a clear initial cost advantage, greatly reduced maintenance and maintenance costs, as well as the added feature of far more light during daylight hours with the fabric structure.”

After thoroughly researching online and hearing about ClearSpan from a satisfied customer, the Bonners chose a 72′ wide by 100′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building, and had it installed by the ClearSpan construction crew. Jim says, “It is rare for me to use a contractor, as I have exacting standards and am typically disappointed. The ClearSpan team that assembled the arena did an A1 job at a cost that was comparable or better than other contractors. They are a key selling point; they know what they are doing and the cost is reasonable.”Destiny's View

He continues, “We couldn’t be more pleased with our arena. It is everything we expected. It looks great on the farm and is a joy to work in.” Kathy Lee trains horses in the arena specifically for ground work and riding. Jim explains, “It is a huge advantage when getting horses ready for shows to be able to train year round. An indoor arena, without the cold and wind in the winter and the bugs and wind in the summer, makes for a more effective training environment.”

For anyone considering a ClearSpan structure, Jim offers this advice: “Do the research; compare the costs; visit a ClearSpan structure. When you do a complete side-by-side comparison, it is hard not to choose ClearSpan.”

With over 30 year of experience we had no trouble meeting Jim’s high standards. We’re always pleased when we can satisfy a nervous customer with the end result.

When you’re deciding to make a major purchase what is the most important factor when deciding which company to go with?

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