Get Shredded – Spotlight on Commodity Resource & Environmental, Inc.

Get ShreddedWith the tax deadline right around the corner, it got us thinking about the amount of confidential information that is required when filing taxes. What happens to all that information once it is no longer needed? The same can be asked about information regarding personal health and safety. What preventative action is taken to ensure that information doesn’t get into the wrong hands? In today’s blog we’re going to take a look at one company’s commitment to disposing confidential information and how their Hercules Truss Arch Building allows them to do it safely and economically.

Founded in 1980, Commodity Resource & Environmental, Inc. is a successful silver recovery and refining company catering predominantly to the medical industry. The company offers payment for the extraction of silver from scrap file X-rays from hospitals, medical centers and doctors’ offices across the United States. Their silver refinery occupies 5 acres in Mojave, CA, where 15,000,000 lbs. of scrap X-rays are refined for silver annually.Get Shredded

In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act enacted in 1996, Commodity Resource & Environmental, Inc. is required to provide document security and destruction for both the X-rays they recover as well as their associated packaging, such as envelopes. This requirement sparked a company idea to expand their services and create a new business enterprise in the paper shredding business. As President Larry DeWitt explains, “The document destruction department was a new operational venture. We needed an additional structure to house the equipment and serve as the facility.”

While driving along an interstate highway in Missouri, DeWitt noticed a ClearSpan structure being used as a hay storage building, and decided to look into the company online. “Since I was driving through a tornado belt, I knew the building had to be strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions. I decided to research this type of structure to see if it would work well as our facility,” DeWitt says. After extensive internet research, he decided that a ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building was the best option for the company.

Get ShreddedSince the company was embarking on a new business endeavor, there were clear risks involved and they were set on a restricted budget. “We chose a ClearSpan Fabric Structure over a traditional wood or steel building because of the cost effectiveness,” says DeWitt. He is also extremely pleased with how the building has worked out for the company, both functionally and aesthetically. He explains, “The cosmetic and structural design of the building, inside and out, has impressed both employees and visiting customers. It looks and works perfectly.”

The company plans to focus on the medical industry at first, and eventually expand to offer their document destruction services to more clients. With the versatility of a ClearSpan building, they are free to do so, as the buildings can be expanded or relocated as necessary. The company is very happy with their decision to choose ClearSpan for their facility, and DeWitt states, “We were highly pleased with the sales and technical support we received from ClearSpan throughout the purchasing and installation processes. The building has worked out great.”Get Shredded

Commodity Resource & Environment Inc. saw a problem and turned it into a new business operation. With a little help from ClearSpan they were able to do it quickly and keep the new project under budget. We’ll be waiting for a call from them once their business grows and they either need to expand or purchase a new structure.

What current industry problems could you turn into a new business venture with a ClearSpan Fabric Structure?

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