The many faces of ClearSpan- Top 12 Most Unique Applications Part 3

Many faces of ClearSpanOne of the benefits of working for a company that provides building and storage solutions to many industries is getting to see the different ways our customers use their fabric structures. Today, we are going to take a look at the final four unique applications of our top 12 count down…

MoondanceMarvelous night for a moon dance
Whether you’re a Van Morrison fan or not in this outdoor concert venue it will always be a marvelous night for a moon dance. Located at Rockahock Campgrounds in Lanexa, VA, this 100′ wide x 135′ long ClearSpan pavilion was built to hold outdoor events like concerts, picnics and dances. Luckily, they won’t ever have to plan for a rain date!

Stop drop and rollStop drop and roll
Firefighters go through rigorous field training to learn how to react to fires in buildings, open areas and now subways, too! Since New York is interconnected by underground railways, it only makes sense to offer subway fire training as a part of the fire academy. This 28′ wide x 154′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building is located in Brooklyn, NY and was built to replicate the conditions of a subway tunnel. Special blackout fabric was installed on the inside along with lighting and a railway to make training as realistic as possible for firefighters.

Extreme funExtreme fun
Asylum Extreme Sports in Louisville, KY wanted to create a bright and fun environment for their new paintball facility. At 100′ wide x 165′ long, this building is a large enough to accommodate multiple targets, shelters and netting. It allows players to practice and train year round without being interrupted by the weather.

Eagle EyeEagle eye
You’d make sure your sports car had protection from the elements, so why would it be any different for a vehicle you’re flying? Luckily for these military aircraft, they were sheltered in a 65′ wide x 60′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building. Located in Fort Worth, TX these airplanes will be flying for years to come.

Extreme funIt amazes me what our sales representatives, engineers, design team and customers can brainstorm and create together. If our customers have a specific vision or a out-of-the-ordinary need, we’ll make sure that vision is satisfied or that need is met. Wonderfully unique building applications are usually the result of this process. If you enjoyed learning about some of our more special buildings stick around because throughout the spring I’ll be highlighting some great applications individually and more in-depth as project spotlights!

Out of the top 12 most unique applications which one did you like best?

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