Save Money Simply by Owning a ClearSpan Fabric Structure

Save Money with ClearSpanOwning and operating a business in any economy is a difficult task filled with long hours and hard work. With the cost of almost everything rising it doesn’t look like paying the bills will get any easier for business or home owners. So why not help yourself out and choose a building option that is significantly more energy efficient than the average? Today, I’m going to walk you through why you’ll save money simply by owning a ClearSpan Fabric Structure.

Daylight savingsThank you daylight savings
A few weeks ago we turned the clocks ahead for what is known as Daylight Savings time. Originally daylight savings was invented to provide more hours of sunlight, especially for those within the agricultural community. Many argue that daylight savings in an outdated practice now that we have electricity and more and more growing takes place indoors. We are all fans of daylight savings here at ClearSpan, and once you have a Hercules Truss Arch Building you will be too.

The polyethylene and vinyl we use to construct our fabric covers have translucent properties. This allows abundant natural light to permeate through the covers, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day. With daylight savings in place you get even more hours of free light.

Less is MoreLess is more
At night, when you do need artificial lights you’ll only need about half as many as you would in a traditional wood or steel structure. Again, the reflective properties of the fabric help reflect light kilowatts. For example, if you would normally require 12 high bay lights in a steel building, you’d only need 6 to create the same amount of light in a ClearSpan building. I’ve also heard from several equine customers who said during a full moon, they haven’t had the need to turn on their lights at night. The location of the building was directly under the bright moon and they could see while riding inside their structure.

Below is a chart that provides you with an example of the expected savings you’ll see on your electricity bill.

                                                                ClearSpan Fabric Structure     Conventional Wood Structure
kWh                                                                                            7.1                                                                   14.2
Hours artificial light is needed                               1.7                                                                     8
Lighting cost per day                                                  $1.46                                                             $13.63
Total savings per day                                                $12.17                                                                   –

Days per year building is in operation             250                                                                 250
Lighting cost per year                                            $365.00                                                     $3,407.50
Total savings per year                                         $3,042.50                                                              –

Lighting cost for 15 years*                                 $5,666.63                                                   $52,901.44
Total savings over 15 years                              $47,234.81                                                             –
Please note: Calculations are based on the U.S. average cost per kilowatt hour (kWh), $0.12. Calculations reflect the kWh of high bay lighting. *Calculations for total savings over 15 years reflect the current U.S. average cost per kWh with a 3.5% increase per year. Please check your electrical provider for local rates.

Warm Up/Cool DownWarm up/Cool down
Aside from working in a more enjoyable environment and saving on the electricity bill, you’ll be a lot warmer and see savings on the heat bill as well. ClearSpan’s fabric covers’ translucent and reflective qualities provide indoor temperature stability, too. The structures’ physical attributes aid in making them climate responsive. Our buildings are typically 15˚ to 20˚ warmer in the winter. During the winter when the earth is closer to the sun, increased natural light filters though the covers, heating the steel trusses and footings. Frames retain heat throughout the day and radiate it back at night. The fabric cover not only blocks the wind, but doesn’t hold in the cold and creates a “greenhouse effect” when the buildings have closed ends.

In the summer, the fabric covers let in natural light, but block direct sunlight. The fabric covers act like a tree, creating shade. With UV-treated technology, our fabric covers stop heat-causing UV rays from entering our structures. Due to the height of our structures, any heat that naturally rises is well above working level for a more comfortable experience than in traditional wood or steel buildings. A nice cross breeze can be created cooling the interior of your fabric structure by using end doors. Not only will you see savings on your electricity bill, but on your heating and cooling bill as well saving you thousands every year.

Be greenBe green
A hidden savings factor that many don’t think about is our low construction costs. Our buildings are easy and quick to install, taking less days and equipment to construct than traditional wood or steel structures. This means less money spent on renting equipment, paying expenses and paying installers’ wages. Also, shorter construction timelines mean fewer emissions, which ultimately means a smaller carbon footprint. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be doing your part at saving the planet as well.

With ClearSpan Fabric Structures you’re not only getting a durable, American-made product, you’re saving money. What other type of building costs you less and less to run over the years? Aside from the natural light, energy efficiency and short constructions timelines, you’ll be saving on your electricity and heating/cooling bills, as well as doing your part to help out Mother Nature. That’s a win-win situation if I’ve ever heard of one.

What would you do with all the money you’ll save from owning a ClearSpan Fabric Structure?

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