The Many Faces of ClearSpan – Top 12 Most Unique Applications, Part 2

Unique ApplicationsClearSpan Fabric Structures is really a unique tension fabric structure company. We go against the industry norm first by being a US company offering all American-made fabric buildings. Secondly, we differ from the majority by providing our customers with sales, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and financing all under one roof. Since we stand out in a crowd, it only makes sense that our buildings do the same. Take a look at some of the interesting buildings below for part two of our Top 12 Most Unique Applications count down.

Jumping JohnnyJumping Johnny
Located in Killington, VT this 35′ wide x 40′ long building is a perfect example of why kids just want to have fun. Designed and constructed to be an indoor aerial gym this structure houses several indoor trampolines allowing children to soar through the air practicing jumps and acrobatic disciplines. This type of application does not work as well in a traditional wood or steel building due to the internal support columns. Also, we all make mistakes and if someone were to make a wrong move or bounce to high hitting the fabric side wall is a much better alternative than hitting a harder surface.

Tugging alongTugging along
The Great Lakes Towing Company located in Cleveland, OH manufactures and fabricates large tug boats. In order to accommodate moving tug boats in and out of their facility they required something with very high clearances, maximum usable space and a door large enough for the boats to enter and exit. They chose an 83′ wide x 125′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building which they had specially engineered to meet their height requirement of 67′.

Engine no. 9Engine no, 9
When record snowfall of 25” occurred on February 8, 2010, the Falls Church, VA fire station suffered a total roof collapse that damaged five pieces of fire apparatus, resulting in millions of dollars worth of damage. They turned to the right company when seeking a quick and durable building replacement. At 50′ wide x 40′ long, this temporary fire station provides enough space to house three engines, fitting their requirements exactly and serving as the town’s temporary fire house.

Windy cityWindy city
ClearSpan Fabric Structures are designed and engineered to meet both the local snow and wind load requirements. It makes perfect scene that this Sublette, IL company chose two 100′ wide x 180′ long Hercules Truss Arch Buildings to house their wind farm operation.

Working for ClearSpan I get used to hearing about and seeing the same 10 most popular building uses. It is a nice treat when I learn about interesting applications that our buildings are being used for. I’m proud that ClearSpan can customize buildings to fit your needs and we look forward to the challenge of working with newer applications. Stick around, in a couple weeks we’ll conclude our Top 12 Most Unique Applications count down.

What unique application would you want to use one of our buildings for?

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