Moving on up to a Deluxe Apartment on the Farm

Livestock housingBy now you all know how ClearSpan Fabric Structures can accommodate a variety of applications. With spring around the corner and the hot summer heat soon to follow I thought we should discuss one of our most popular applications and the original use of Hercules Truss Arch Buildings – livestock housing.

Livestock housingToday ClearSpan Fabric Structures are utilized for everything from athletic facilities and manufacturing plants to salt storage and military command bases, however their origin began with agriculture applications and more specifically, livestock housing. Since our start, ClearSpan has always been a reliable, American company providing high-quality buildings to farmers and animal owners across the country. So why are our structures popular among the livestock communities?

Soak it inLivestock housing
Just like people, animals need sunlight. ClearSpan’s white fabric covers let natural light shine through the building, creating a bright and natural interior. The inviting atmosphere not only improves the mood of livestock, but reduces the need for artificial lighting and lowers your energy consumption.

One of the main issues that occur when a large number of animals live in a contained space is respiration, along with other health problems. Another benefit to the abundant natural light of ClearSpan buildings is that there is less moisture and bacteria growth, promoting a healthier environment than conventional steel and wood buildings. You’ll experience faster weight gains, increased milk production and better fleece fibers.

Ron White, owner of Circle W Farms explains, “The natural light, large open space and good ventilation were three features we liked about the building. One side of our ClearSpan building is outfitted with a 5′ high roll-up curtain, whichLivestock housing supplies maximum air circulation to keep livestock, feed and bedding cool and dry. On the other side, a 4′ exterior overhang allows more space per heifer while keeping feed dry and fresh, away from the rain and snow of Wisconsin winters.

The price is right
Farming is a very demanding, yet rewarding lifestyle. Often times livestock producers have to put up a large initial investment before they receive a return. We understand that and have priced our Hercules Truss Arch buildings at a low cost per square foot, making our structures an economical livestock housing solution. Typically, ClearSpan Fabric Structures are half the cost of tradition pole barns or wood structures. Jay Treese of Itzan Alpaca Ranch states, “The price of the fabric structures was much lower than steel or wood buildings of the same size.”Livestock housing

We want livestock producers to start using our buildings as soon as possible to see the endless benefits and get a return on their investment. We offer flexible in-house financing and can work with you and your financial situation. Also, depending on the size of your structure, construction can take as little as 3 to 5 days. This puts your livestock in your building sooner and cuts down on installation costs.

Protect your stockLivestock housing
When you’re a dairy farmer, wool producer or any type of livestock owner, your animals are your livelihood, so why not protect them? ClearSpan Fabric Structures not only keep your animals warm in the winter, protecting them from diseases, but cool in the summer, protecting them from heat stress. Engineered for environmental extremes, our buildings will stand up to local wind and snow loads allowing you to rest easy knowing that your livestock are protected.

Livestock housingAside from keeping your animals safe and comfortable, how about adding a little extra comfort for you, too? Mike Gregoricka of Tallgrass Dairy explains, “Even in weather extremes, the building is still great to work in, making it easier to face chores when weather conditions are unfavorable. The animals always appear comfortable.”

Built to your needs
Each livestock operation has its own requirements. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and offer customizations to fit each farms needs. We offer custom building sizes from 20′ to 300′ wide and in any length. Our buildings are offered in two different styles, as well as different colors. Depending on a farm’s location, layout and portability needs, we can provide several different foundations.

One-stop shopLivestock housing
If you’re looking to accessorize your structure, we can help there, too. Along with our affiliate company, FarmTek, we can outfit your entire livestock operation with everything from doors and vents to feeders and fodder systems. Daniel Gish, co-manager of Burnt Chimney Dairy Farm says, “We love the customizable features. We had the ability to choose the foundation, so we went with bridge timbers. We also decided to install large fans for ventilation and this has alleviated our summer heat problems for both workers and cows.”Livestock housing

As you can see, there are many reasons ClearSpan Fabric Structures are loved by livestock operations. We know the importance of valued products like beef, milk and wool. In order to produce high-quality livestock products, it starts with high-quality housing products which are something we’ve mastered since the birth of our company.

Different options and accessories are needed depending on the type of livestock operation. If you were an animal on a farm what options or accessories would you want in your home?

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