Spotlight on JohnHoushmand and How he Protects his Art

Last week’s blog discussed some pretty unique applications that our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are used for. We purposely left some off our list so we could highlight their uniqueness individually. Today’s blog will feature a special designer and how is ClearSpan Fabric Structure protects his one-of-a-kind art.John Houshmand

John Houshmand Ever since John Houshmand was young, he has enjoyed working with his hands to create art. He is now the owner and designer of an innovative business called JohnHoushmand (Housh Co., LLC), which combines his love of art with the functionality and beauty of nature. The company designs and crafts custom furniture, sculpture and architectural work from specialty character-grade woods to create an exclusive line of art that is not only revolutionary, but practical.

Houshmand crafts his work at a 900-acre farm located in upstate New York, in the town of Hobart, using custom-cut slabs of wood. This unique business has very specific needs, and he was struggling with the small barn and greenhouse structures he was using to store these wooden slabs. Houshmand explains, “Air movement and sunlight John Houshmandfacilitate the drying of the wood. The slabs must air-dry anywhere from several months to several years before they are ready.

We wanted a structure with more light to work in, and better air movement for drying.” After reading about fabric structures in a ClearSpan catalog, Houshmand decided that a Hercules Truss Arch Building was the perfect solution for his company’s demanding environmental needs.

John Houshmand “We love the low cost, easy-access clearance and the lighting inside,” Houshmand says. The fabric cover lets the natural light shine through, exposing the wood to much needed sunlight, while also allowing the environment to remain dry. Along with being a cost-effective solution for this application’s distinct needs, the company has found that they are using the building for more than they had anticipated. “Everybody notices it, so it’s really good advertising for us,”explains Houshmand. Also, since machinery can easily maneuver inside the building, he says, “We use it to store other materials and we even park vehicles and equipment inside.” The building has proved to be a very versatile asset to the company.John Houshmand

Houshmand was so pleased with his initial structure, that he has since purchased two additional ClearSpan buildings to support his business. Excited about the additions to his company, he states, “Our ClearSpan structures are working out great!”

It says a lot that an artist of Houshmand’s caliber trusts in ClearSpan Fabric Structures enough to protect his livelihood and creative outlet. We love being solution providers for different types of people, industries and applications.  It’s our hope to expand our customer base into new industries to see how far we can push the unique application envelope.

Houshmand’s art isn’t something you see every day. Share some unique applications you’d like to see ClearSpan Fabric Structures support.

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