The Many Faces of ClearSpan – Top 12 Most Unique Applications, Part 1

Unique applicaitonsYou’ve heard me say time and time again that ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are the buildings of 1,000 uses. I realize it seems a little farfetched, but to prove I’m not exaggerating let me introduce part 1 of this 3-part series – The Many Faces of ClearSpan: Top 12 Most Unique Applications.

When I say movable, I mean movableMoveable structure
This 83′ wide x 83’4″ long structure is the perfect example of how versatile ClearSpan Fabric Structures can be. They can literally be picked up and moved to a new location in their entirety. This Valhalla, NY construction company needed a movable covered shelter for their bridge and road work. They decided welding a base plate together and attaching it to the bottom of the steel trusses, then lifting it by crane was the easiest way to go.

Lemonade in the shadeOutside reception venue
Although Windsor, VA may not be the hottest climate, it can get pretty humid and uncomfortable during summer months. This 72′ wide x 120′ long outside reception venue is utilized for many events throughout the year. This picture happens to be of their annual Fireman’s Convention. Guests remain cool and relaxed while being shaded under the breathable polyethylene fabric cover.

Vintage wheelsVintage wheels
I bet Tiger is happy about this building. Thanks to these two buildings golfers can now grow attached to their golf carts. Located in Evans, GA, they’ll refurbish old golf carts for you in these 46′ wide x 60′ long and 45′ wide x 25′ long Hercules Truss Arch Buildings.

Bark ParkBark Park
One of the major concerns for owners putting their dogs in a kennel is the worry of them not getting enough fresh air. Dog lovers in the Ispwich, MA area fret no longer. This 60′ wide x 80′ long dog kennel not only provides a wide open space for the dogs to play, but a bright fresh environment as well. These dogs will love it so much they’ll think they were on a vacation and won’t want to come home.

Some of these applications are so specific we may only have one customer using our buildings for that purpose. That’s part of the beauty of ClearSpan Fabric Structures; their uses are only limited by your imagination. We can design a building to fit any application’s needs.

In a few weeks we’ll discuss four more unique applications. What type of building uses do you hope to see?

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