ClearSpan Goes to Maryland Horse World Expo

Horse World ExpoKat Hayden is back to deliver another blog post and update us on the equine trade show scene.

I love going to trade shows, I get to do a bit of traveling and I get to meet customers face to face. Last month’s trip took me to Timonium, MD where I attended the Horse World Expo. After a long wait to get my rental car and hour drive to the fairgrounds, I arrived to set up my booth.

CorgiI had the pleasure to be right across from a combined driving association that brought in a real carriage for display! The combined driving booth even had a Corgi mascot named Marti who I got to play with every morning when I went in! I set my booth up with a display pictures, tons of information, and our TV that was streaming pictures and video footage.

The weekend went by quickly as I spoke with customers and discussed their riding arena plans. Saturday was the busiest day where I went through almost all my materials and had groups of people stopping by to check out our fabric buildings. Most equine trade shows have a very large vendor section where you can find everything from custom horse blankets to all organic homemade horse treats. A typical show can have anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 people attending, which is wonderful exposure for businesses. Fabric buildings are a relatively new concept in the equine world as most people are accustomed to traditional wood and steel buildings.Horse Wold Expo

There were many people who when they walked past my booth, had to stop and look at the pictures because they had never seen a fabric riding arena before! I heard comments like, “It’s so bright and airy! I bet the horses love that,” and, “I’ve never seen one before but that looks amazing.” The big challenge for fabric buildings in the indoor arena industry is that most people haven’t seen or ridden in one. The more trade shows and exposure we can get for our buildings the better!

Horse World ExpoSo after a long weekend of speaking with customers and discussing the benefits of fabric buildings, I packed up the trunk and headed back to the airport. Unfortunately my flight back to CT was delayed until late Sunday night, but it gave me the chance to sit and watch the Ravens vs. Patriots football game. I felt very out of place as the only Patriots fan in the whole airport, and even watched Ravens fans wearing purple wigs running through the airport celebrating the victory.

Overall it was a successful trip and will be well worth attending next year!

Kat joined the ClearSpan team shortly after she graduated from Mount Holyoke College this past spring. While at Mount Holyoke, she earned a degree in biology and rode on the college’s dressage team. She has been riding for ten years and has a horse named Nate. The barn where Kat rides at also has an indoor fabric arena, which she loves! Kat says the best thing about working at ClearSpan is helping great horse people into the ClearSpan arena of their dreams.

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