A Structure for Every Style Trail Ride Stop 5- Western Pleasure

Western PleasureWe’ve had a very eventful trail ride so far and have had a diverse number of stops. We started over in English territory where we learned about hunter/jumpers, dressage and show jumping. Then we saddled up and headed out west to cowboy country and discussed the different styles of roping. We’re staying on course today and continuing to head west for our fifth stop- western pleasure.

West and relaxationWest and relaxation

Western pleasure is a western style of riding that is common at horse shows. It focuses on the manners of horses, as they should perform their gaits in a relaxed manner. They should have a calm temperament, but still listen tentatively to their riders. Their gaits should also be performed at a slow speed.

Don’t discriminate, appreciate

The horse should feel like it is comfortable to ride and be very smooth – hence the name pleasure riding. It should be a pleasure to ride this horse. This style of riding is open to just about any breed. Some of the more common ones are Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas.

Riding on the edgeRiding on the edge

At a show, riders perform at the same time, along the outer edge of the arena. This means that sidewalls should be tall enough for horses to ride along without their rider being in danger of hitting his/her head. Lots of space is needed so that riders can stay out of each other’s way in very large classes. They should listen to the judge to know what gait to perform. They also have to change directions in the arena which requires wide open space with no support posts.

This is where we come inWe come in

ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are the perfect arena option for this style of riding as they meet all western pleasure riding needs. They can be built up to 300′ wide and at any length, offering ample room and side wall clearances. They can also be mounted on a wall or taller foundation for additional height. Truss Arch Buildings are engineered without the need for internal poles, creating a wide open space perfect for large classes. The abundant natural light created by the translucent polyethylene fabric covers helps both riders and horses to have a better line of vision which reduces potentially dangerous collisions.

Speaking of dangerous collisions, all eyes ahead as we mount up and head off towards our next stop on our structure for every style trail ride. Our next destination is reining, so sit tight and enjoy the ride!

Western pleasure is a style of relaxed riding. What options or accessories would you want to add to your ClearSpan arena to make it an even more enjoyable atmosphere?

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