A Structure for Every Style Trail Ride Stop Four- Roping

We’ve covered a lot of ground so far on our structures for every style trail ride. In the past few weeks we’ve discussed how Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are great for hunter/jumpers, dressage and show jumping. This week we’re going to head west and make our fourth stop-roping.Roping

Blazing saddles
Roping is a sport that is derived from real cowboys’ techniques for catching calves to brand or medicate them. There are two main types of roping: team roping and calf roping. Both styles of this sport are fast-paced and require high energy and alertness from both rider and horse.

There’s no ‘I’ in teamTeam Roping
Team roping consists of two riders trying to rope a steer. The object is to secure the steer by both hind feet. This rodeo event is up on equal rights as it’s the only one where men and women can compete together. The team roping event was developed from the technique cowboys used to capture a full grown animal on the ranch.

Equipment such as ropes, horn wraps, roping gloves, western saddle and bell boots for the horses are required when competing in this sport. Riders start the event positioned in boxes on either side of the steer’s chute. The steer is then released from the holding corral into the main arena. Depending on the length of the arena, a well-trained roper usually takes about 4 to 12 seconds to stretch the steer.

Solo wranglerCalf Roping
Calf roping differs from team roping as it consists of one horse and rider and one calf. The rider is supposed to catch the calf by throwing a lariat around its neck. After the calf is caught, the rider dismounts and goes to the calf to tie up three of its legs. Top ropers only take about 7 second to rope and tie a calf.

Wild West meets ClearSpan
At ClearSpan, we can manufacture custom sizes from 20′-300′ wide at any length. This factor is extremely important in this sport. Space is needed for the holding corral where chutes and boxes need to be installed. Also, room is needed for the roping arena and spectators’ viewing area. ClearSpan’s Hercules Truss Arch Buildings can accommodate the large space requirement and also allow maximum use of the space because they are designed without the need for internal support posts.ClearSpan Roping Arenas

Natural light is another great feature of fabric arenas which is important to provide greater visibility by helping the riders take better aim when throwing their lasso. ClearSpan arenas’ fabric has sound-absorbing qualities which is also very helpful when it comes to noise. If any of you have ever been to a rodeo you know that the roping events are very exciting and can often generate a lot of noise. ClearSpan arenas’ fabric will mute some of it so those who may live near by won’t be bothered.

Well, that completes our fourth stop on this thrilling trail ride. Please stick around and ask some of your friends to join us as we continue to head west for a little relaxation. Next week we’ll reach stop five-western pleasure.

Roping is a sport that takes a lot of skill and practice which would be easier for most competitors if they had an indoor practice arena. Which category of roping would you like to train for?

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