The Best of ClearSpan

Best of ClearSpanOver the years we have sold thousands of buildings all over the country and even internationally. The applications have ranged from everything from tire storage and riding arenas to state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and fitness facilities. I’ve decided that for this week’s blog I would compile the best of ClearSpan and highlight a few of our outstanding installations.

Motley CrewThe Motley Crew
Let me start by saying a big thank you to our installation crew for all their hard work over the years. Their efforts definitely contribute to the success of our company. Thanks to years of experience, our construction team is comprised of helpful, knowledgeable workers who provide accurate and reliable installation.

First for EverythingThere’s a first for everything
We’d also like to thank the kind folks at Rocky Knoll Stable for taking a chance on us all those years ago. This 80’W x 165’L indoor riding arena was our very first install. Their building has held up wonderfully to the harsh winters of Charlotte, VT. We have kept in touch with them and they have sent us many great pictures over the years.

Small PackagesGood things come in small packages
Bigger isn’t always better. Without internal support beams, our structures have a clear span design, providing maximum useable space. Often times this allows our customers to purchase a smaller structure than they originally thought. Such was the case for this Springboro, OH concrete company. They use their 18’W x 40’L Hercules Truss Arch Building for concrete storage.

Longest YardThe longest yard
Parents do love to brag about their children, especially when they’re so good looking. Yes, that’s right; this next install is our very own baby and the first Hercules Truss Arch Building to join our family. We always had many smaller non-engineered buildings, but when our business began expanding, so did our facility. This 100’W x 780’L structure happens to been our longest building installation and is part of our manufacturing facility out in Dyersville, IA.

Wide LoadWide load
Ranking in as our widest building yet, is this 250’W x 240’L structure. Used as an industrial wood pellet storage building, it is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Wow, it really puts all those 100 wides to shame!

1,000th EpisodeThousandth episode
We always say that riding arenas and salt storage facilities are probably the two most popular applications for our buildings. So it is only natural that our 1,000th install be one of the two, right? I’m proud to say our 1,000th install was an 83′ W x 120’L indoor equine riding area. It is located in Nokesville, VA truly adds beauty to the landscape at the farm.

That wraps up the best of ClearSpan installs I hope you enjoyed it. Again, we’d like to give a big thank you to our construction crew and of course a big thank you to our customers because without you, there’d be no installations.

What is the most exotic place you think we’ve installed a building?

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