Five Reasons Waste & Decontamination Companies Love our Buildings

Waste FacilitiesSince I’ve transitioned into writing this blog I have always talked about how popular our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are for a variety of applications. Although applications dealing with recycling, waste management or waste and decontamination may not be glamorous, the business still loves our fabric structures. In this blog I will discuss the top five reasons these types of companies are turning to Clearspan Fabric Structures more often.

Economical SolutionIt’s all about the Benjamins
Our fabric structures are priced at an extremely low cost per square foot making them the most economical solution for waste management facilities. Dave Kratz, a major shareholder of Iowa Waste Systems states about their 65′ wide by 65′ long structure: “A landfill site takes in about 10,000 tons of waste per year and the cost of building a new landfill cell every three to five years well exceeds over a million dollars. It only made economical sense to choose a fabric building for the facility because it is a long-term solution for a fraction of the typical cost.” Besides being such a cost-effective option, the simple design of our buildings allows for a more efficient and economical workflow, making companies less costly to operate.

Time is of the EssenceCovered Sludge Bed
Lead times of our buildings usually take about 90 days and then depending on the size of the structure 3 to 14 days to install. Todd Sheridan of Northern Moraine Wastewater Reclamation told us, “The [two 65′ wide by 72′ long ClearSpan Fabric Structures] were assembled in less than a week and are working wonderfully!” Our buildings do not require expensive or in-depth foundations. You can literally have your building up and running within four months of placing your order. This minimizes down time and usually allows the company to continue working throughout the construction process. Also, with quicker installation timelines that means fewer emissions from equipment and vehicles, making the process more environmentally friendly as well, which contributes to the waste management philosophy.

Covered Sludge BedLet it Rain
Without a covered storage space, waste is exposed to the elements often times being blown onto neighbors’ properties, creating harmful runoff, or doubling the mass of the waste. Adrian Pino, Chief Wastewater Operator of West Wastewater Treatment Plant explains about their 77′ wide by 96′ long ClearSpan building, “We get charged by the cubic yard for sludge disposal. By storing it without cover, it would get rained on and grow in mass. The sludge was becoming expensive to dispose of.” Simply installing a Hercules Truss Arch Building over an existing sludge bed, landfill or reclamation center will decrease the amount of waste, protect the watershed and eliminate potential legal fines from litter.

Fear of CommitmentRecycling Center
Purchasing any building is a major decision and one that is never taken lightly. Often times waste management company owners worry that the need for an expansion will diminish over time, or fret about potentially moving locations. These concerns are alleviated when deciding to purchase a ClearSpan Fabric Structure. The beauty of our buildings is their versatility and portability. Often times our buildings’ end uses aren’t what they were originally purchased for. This was the case for Rumpke Consolidated Companies when they no longer needed their 120′ wide by 45′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building as a covered tipping area. Rumpke engineer Dave Murphy explains, “We were looking for a great solution to house some recyclable materials and the building served its purpose. We knew at the time of purchase it would need to serve other functions.” Our buildings usually don’t require permanent foundations either so if the building needs to move to a different spot on the job site or a new location all together this isn’t a problem. They are easily dismantled and moved.

Tipping Floor AreaEasy Rider
The design of our structures makes moving in and out of them a breeze. They do not feature any interior poles or support columns creating a clear span of space and allowing for maximum usable square footage. The owner for Kansas City Brewery realized this and commented about his 83′ wide by 40′ long glass recycling center, “The ClearSpan structure was installed directly over the existing glass containers. One end was left open to allow easy access for trucks and forklifts.” Riding in and out of our structures is easy due to their high clearances and wide open space making them perfect for waste management and recycling facilities.

Wastewater decontaminationThere is a reason our structures are gaining popularity among many industries, especially the waste and decontamination industry. They are economical, quick to install, provide coverage from the elements, are versatile, portable and provide easy access and clearance. Why wouldn’t a company or city department purchase our buildings?

I discussed several types of waste management companies in this blog. What building didn’t you expect to be such a benefit to these types of companies?

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