The Story of a Truss Arch Building Part 4- Shipping and Installation

ConstructionWe’ve reached an end to our story of a Truss Arch Building. Now it’s time for our little truss to enter into the world and make a name for itself. We’ve brought you through concept and now to construction when we discuss shipping and installation.

Packaging and ShippingPackaging and Shipping
Once the fabric cover is paired with the appropriate steel trusses they are packaged and readied for shipping. The size of the building and its end location determines the amount of shipments. The courier is chosen based on the most cost-effective option for the delivery location. If feasible, your Truss Arch specialist will arrange for our installation crew to meet the shipment on site.

We believe it’s important to give our customers choices, which is why we offer three installation options. The first is for the do-it-yourself type. If you are a construction-savvy person or know someone who is this may be a good option for you. Your Hercules Truss Arch Building would ship to you and upon arrival you and your crew would follow the instructions included with the building and install it yourself. If you’d feel more confident having someone with experience to oversee the install we can send out one of our site managers to help or we can provide you with a project manager’s contact information.

Fabric InstallationIf you’re not handy or would rather not be bothered with it we encourage you to hire your own contractor. This option is great especially if you want to employ a local business. We offer our site managers’ services for this option too.

The final and most recommended option we offer is to have our skilled construction crew come out to your site and install the building for you. They will arrive with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to erect your fabric structure. Because they are experienced and have installed over a thousand buildings, they are able to work carefully and quickly when constructing the building. If you have any questions, they will be happy to explain the installation process to you. Don’t worry about the site looking like a mess when they’re done, they will leave it just as clean as they found it. Having our courteous construction crew install your Hercules Truss Arch Building provides the perfect ending to your ClearSpan experience.

InstallationOur process is well organized, efficient and customer focused. Because of our process we have earned many happy repeat customers over the years. However, just because we’ve been successful doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. We’re always striving to better ourselves and are aiming towards becoming a world-class tension fabric structure company.

From February 6 to 8, 2013 we are hosting our first annual Truss Summit, an internal conference bringing together our engineers, designers, sales force, manufacturing teams, procurement specialists, delivery personnel and construction professionals. Our goal is to create and quickly develop ideas that can lead to innovative manufacturing and installation processes, as well as product enhancements that will improve our customers’ end experience.

We hope the Truss Summit will generate some great ideas and recommendations about our Hercules Truss Arch Building. Using your knowledge about our structures, do you have any ideas towards improvement?

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