Why Equestrians Love ClearSpan Indoor Arenas

ClearSpan Riding ArenaEvery rider wants an indoor arena for those cold, rainy days, but sometimes the cost of building a whole new structure can be prohibitive. The affordable price is just one of the many reasons why equestrians are turning to ClearSpan Fabric Structures to make their dream a reality. From wide open space, to the great natural light, here are the most popular reasons our customers choose to ride year round in Hercules Truss Arch Buildings.

The ideal environment for happy horses (and riders)Ideal environment
Of course, riding inside can never be quite like taking your horse out in an open field, but the atmosphere of ClearSpan indoor arenas is quite similar! If you close your eyes, you will feel the sun beating down on your face as a cool breeze streams by. This is because the fabric covers on ClearSpan arenas offer plenty of natural light all year round. By installing large doors on each end of your arena, or adding roll-up sides to the structure, you can let the breeze in to keep you and the horses comfortable. Between the temperature stability and wide open space of these structures, riders can’t get enough of the atmosphere inside.

Tammy Baldine of Bella Rose Farm says, “The lighting is great. You really don’t need to turn on any lights during the day because it is so bright. Also, there are no spooky areas or dark corners to scare the horses, so they love it. They also enjoy the peacefulness of the structure. Even when there’s heavy wind or inclement weather, the building stays very quiet.”Ideal environment

Stephanie Lockhart of the Center for America’s First Horse is also very pleased with the atmosphere of her structure. She shares, “The best thing about the structure is that the horses like it! They like to be inside it in the summer when it’s hot and buggy out, as well as when it’s rainy and cold. They enjoy their work and perform better when they are in a building that’s open and light. The horses spend a lot of time with children and I have found that everyone is relaxed because the environment is bright and airy. If the horses are happy, then I am happy!”

The buildings of 1,000 uses
Here at ClearSpan, we always say our structures are the buildings of 1,000 uses. Equestrians seem to think so as well! When you aren’t using the structure for riding, it can be used for equipment or hay storage, a peaceful place to let horses roam, a perfect party venue or anything else you can dream up! Many of our customers have found uses they are really excited about!

1,000 uses
Annie Alvord of Cutter Creek Farm, LLC uses her arenas for tons of different things. She explains, “Our dogs love the arena, too! When the weather is nasty, we can take them inside and play with them in comfort.” Annie also uses her arena for meetings, parties and extra storage space.

At Isinglass Equestrian Center, Brandon Vore found a unique use for his arena. “During the worst winter weather, when my children have cabin fever, we take them out to the arena to play. The riding center becomes the world’s largest climate-controlled sandbox, playground and gymnasium. When looking at a ClearSpan building, consider all the possible usages for the space, but know that you will still find unexpected ways to enjoy this structure.”1,000 uses

Stephanie Lockhart is as happy with the versatility of her structure as she is with the atmosphere. She says, “During a recent fundraiser event, artists and alternative care practitioners set up their booths in the building. We have held clinics and performances in our arena, and even hold our monthly board meeting in it during the summer time.”

You’ve got a friend in ClearSpan
Once you purchase your structure from ClearSpan, don’t think we are just going to disappear. Actually, that’s one of the things that had many equestrians excited about purchasing a Hercules Truss Arch Building. We will be with you every step of the way, from design to installation. Some of our customers felt that their interactions with ClearSpan team members were very memorable parts of their experience.Friend in ClearSpan

Jim Bonner from Destiny’s View was very happy with the ClearSpan construction crew. “It is rare for me to use a contractor, as I have exacting standards and am typically disappointed. The ClearSpan team that assembled the arena did an A1 job at a cost that was comparable or better than other contractors. They are a key selling point; they know what they are doing and the cost is reasonable.”

Julia Carlson told us that ClearSpan was there from start to finish on her project. She shares, “From beginning to end, working with ClearSpan’s Truss Arch specialist and the construction services group and engineers helped everything fall into place. Any questions we had prior to and during construction were always answered immediately.”
Friend in ClearSpan

Annie Alvord was as happy with the ClearSpan team as her dogs were for the new place to play! She explains, “I am very happy with the product and with the people who helped us at ClearSpan. My Truss Arch specialist has been a sweetheart. Thanks, ClearSpan! You have made a dream of ours come true!”

Keep your money in the bank
When making any large investment into your farm or business, we understand that saving as much as possible is important. That’s why we work with each customer on an individual basis to design an affordable arena that works for their needs or to finance their project in-house to make things as easy and economical as possible.Affordable solutions

Carolyn Horning of Show N Tail Performance Horses was sold on the financing plans and cost associated with a ClearSpan structure. She says, “I chose ClearSpan not only because of their low cost, but because of their ability to finance my project and get it done in a short period of time. ClearSpan is clearly a company with longevity, proven products, knowledgeable employees and fair prices.”Affordable solutions

Some customers are excited about other cost-saving features of these buildings. Annie Alvord says, “I liked that these buildings allowed for a lot of natural light, which meant a reduction in energy costs associated with artificial daytime light.” The financing options helped, too! She continues, “I was drawn to the fact that ClearSpan offered in-house financing.”

No matter what features equestrians want in their indoor arena and the purchasing process associated with it, at ClearSpan we want to help each and every customer get the structure they have always wanted!

Are you looking for a specific feature in a structure that you can’t seem to find? Share it with us here!

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