The Story of a Truss Arch Building Part 2- Engineering and Design

ClearSpan DesignerLast week we discussed initiating your relationship with ClearSpan Fabric Structures and our sales and financing process. Once you get your financing situated and finalize your building options, it is then time to make the best decision of your life…

Structure DesignPlace your Hercules Truss Arch Building order! Once the order has been placed your building’s size and other requirements are sent to our design team and engineers. What’s special about our team is that we staff our own engineering department right at our manufacturing facility in Iowa, resulting in better communication and less errors between design and construction. They aren’t employed by other companies and devote all their time to creating plans for ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings. The ClearSpan engineering team turns your structure’s customizations and building requirements into a cohesive plan.Designer

Using the most updated Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, our engineers design your fabric structure’s frame. Depending on wind and snow-load requirements, along with other building code factors, they determine the necessary number of steel trusses and their required spacing. ClearSpan engineers also factor in calculations for customizations such as additional building height, and once your structure is ordered, engineered stamped drawings can be provided. Our engineering team consistently and effectively creates organized building designs for our fabric structures. From these designs the instructions are created so our production team can manufacture your structure.

Why is our team top notch?
ClearSpan EngineersOur professional engineering team possesses extensive civil, industrial and structural engineering expertise. The professional designations and affiliations held by team members further define our commitment to excellence in the fabric structure industry. Our engineering team consists of members who are in good standing with those states and provinces in which they are licensed to practice and who can provide sealed drawings in Canada and the United States.

This wraps up Part 2 of the Story of a Truss Arch Building, check back in next week when we get into the meat and potatoes of the story; manufacturing and production. We’re proud that our engineers and designers hold industry certifications of Professional Engineers (P.E.) and certified SolidWorks® Associates, not all companies can say the same.

What other purchases would you demand certifications for?

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