Spotlight on LHF Compost and their Extra-long Composting Structure

ClearSpan Fabric Structures really do come in any size necessary and are always there to come to the rescue! Whether your operations have too much exposure to the elements or you need more storage space to keeps things running smoothly, these structures have got you covered. Keep reading to see how a much longer than normal Hercules Truss Arch Building allowed one business to really take off! LHF Compost

Some years ago, Paul and June Rosenbohm owned a dairy farm in Illinois with Paul’s brother and sister-in-law. As neighborhoods began to take over nearby land, the Rosenbohms decided to start a business to compost their manure. LHF Compost, Inc. is an organic 20-acre compost facility located in Peoria County, Illinois that uses the windrow turning method to produce their product. Originally started in 1998 to compost the dairy farm’s manure and yard waste, LHF now has their organic compost permit from the Illinois EPA.

After getting their organic compost permit in 2003, the Rosenbohms started accepting pumpkin waste from two nearby canning factories and from there, the business started booming. Explains Paul, “Since then, we have expanded the business to accept food scraps from grocery stores and restaurants. From all the waste, we make our trademarked compost brand, Better Earth Premium Organic Compost. We are also making mulches and soil mixes for the wholesale and retail markets.”LHF Compost

LHF was doing all of their composting outdoors. Says Paul, “If we have a lot of rain, the rows get saturated. We wanted to have the capability to compost all year long without this issue.” LHF was able to obtain a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to do some of their composting in a controlled environment in exchange for taking on more food waste. Paul looked at a variety of structures from different vendors and decided a 100’ wide by 465’ long ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building would fit the needs of his company. He explains, “The fact that the structures are made in the USA was a big selling factor. Also, the quality was great and the price was in our budget.”

The structure is working out just as Paul had hoped. He says, “We are able to fit four 14′ by 7′ by 450′ rows of compost in the building. We have plenty of headroom and the openness is ideal. We really like the strength of the metal frame and all of the natural light the cover lets in. Also, the ridge vent at the peak of the building lets the steam and vapor out.” He continues, “We love our building. Thank you for all of your help, ClearSpan!”

If you run a composting operation and are interested in learning more about Hercules Truss Arch Buildings like the one at LHF Compost, stop by our booth #402 at the US Composting Council Conference and Trade Show. We will be in Orlando from January 28th until the 31st! We’d love to see you there.

Does your operation need to be protected from the elements to keep efficiency up? Share your story and we will help you find your ideal ClearSpan structure!

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