The Story of a Truss Arch Building Part 1- Inquiry and Financing

Truss Arch BuildingWe contribute most of the success of our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings to our process. Unlike other fabric structure companies, we sell directly to our customers—there’s no distributor or middleman. You’ll find our process is well organized, efficient and customer focused. With that said, we thought it be a fun idea to walk you through our process and tell the story of a Truss Arch Building.

The needTruss Arch Building
Our process starts with you, the customer. Somewhere along the line you or your business will develop a need for a structure. Maybe your business is rapidly growing and you need more production space in a hurry, or maybe you want to provide a warm shelter for the family goats. Either way a building is needed. At this point, you begin researching your options and comparing the costs, features and benefits of the different types of buildings available. Usually after this comparison and possibly after seeing a ClearSpan ad, brochure or speaking with a current ClearSpan building owner, you decide to give us a call.

Upon your initial inquiry you will speak with one of our ClearSpan Truss Arch specialists. A Truss Arch specialist is a highly qualified team member who will act as your liaison or account manager throughout the process of purchasing your engineered fabric structure. Our Truss Arch specialists will listen to your needs and make recommendations based on their experience and knowledge of building codes and regulations. Together you will determine the specifications and customization needed for your ClearSpan Fabric Structure.Truss Arch Specialist

We understand that this is a major purchase and won’t happen overnight. Our Truss Arch specialists will provide you with valuable information such as building profiles, itemized quotes, tax savings and lighting costs analysis to aid you in your decision. Often times, the final factor to determine sale or no sale is the price. If this is an issue, we offer flexible in-house financing to help you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say, “money isn’t a problem?” Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for most, which is why we employ well-trained financing specialists. We can provide greater flexibility with our approvals because our financing is done internally and not through an outside bank. Our finance team is superior to most because they take the time to get to know your needs, rather than just running a report saying “yes” or “no.”Finance specialist

Their approach is to learn how the Hercules Truss Arch Building will impact your business and how it will be utilized. They take competition, new businesses, product development, business growth and projections of income into consideration. By understanding why the structure is needed, our financing specialists have more room to work with you individually and not based on general protocol. Our financing specialists will do everything in their power to make our financing options work for you.

It is important to us that we employ motivated individuals who will work hard to get you into the structure you so desperately need. Stay tuned for part two of this four part series. Next week we’ll continue with the story of a Truss Arch Buildingand discuss engineering and design.

What information would you find useful from a Truss Arch specialist that would help you decide to purchase Hercules Truss Arch Building?

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