The Buildings That Keep on Giving

Riding arena Morris, ILLast December our ClearSpan Newsletter theme was, ‘The Buildings that Keep on Giving’. In the spirit of the giving season, we thought it be fun to highlight some of our buildings that have truly given back.

Williams Bulk TransferA little extra breathing room
Williams Bulk Transfer (WBT) is a state-of-the-art materials handling terminal in Williams, IA. They needed to protect their truck scale from the elements, but also needed a way to thaw out their railroad cars safely. After seeing a Hercules Truss Arch Building and calling the company, WBT purchased two fabric structures from ClearSpan. The freezing issues with the scale were eliminated by a 38’W x 100’L ClearSpan building and their new 24’W x 168’L thaw shed encloses the cars so that heat sources can safely be used to thaw the product. On top of all that, WBT was able to utilize the extra space in the scale building for additional storage, which they hadn’t anticipated!

Ross FarmsRide like the wind
Ross Farms is run by the Ross brothers, Bill, Gary and Ken, and their wives. Primarily a grain operation, they also grow corn and soybeans. While more than half their corn was stored in bins on the property, the rest was put into commercial flat storage. To eliminate the expense of renting commercial space, the family decided to install a new structure on their property. After visiting fabric structures in the area, they decided on ClearSpan because it is an American company. Their 100’W x 195’L corn storage building not only provides onsite storage, but high clearance and easy access that won’t slow down loading and unloading corn. The Ross’ found a surprise benefit to their corn storage fabric structure. In the winter, when they’re not storing corn they can ride their horses in the building too!

CAFHHostess with the mostest
The Center for America’s First Horse is a non-profit organization focusing on the preservation of the rare Colonial Spanish horse. As the center began to grow, so did its need for a large indoor riding space. After doing her research and learning of ClearSpan’s flexible finance options, Stephanie Lockhart, founder and executive director of The Center, decided to purchase a 65’W x 72’L Hercules Truss Arch Building. The building has not only provided shelter and riding space during inclement weather, but it has had other bonus benefits. The Center is able to host fundraising events and board meetings in the arena as well!

York ZooNow you can give back, too!
Step inside York’s Wild Kingdom butterfly house and enter a Costa Rican tropical rainforest. Several years ago, Zoo Director Mika Nurmikko, started looking for the right structure to house the exhibit. In creating “biodiversity” he knew he wanted a structure that offered natural lighting and some temperature control, but also one that was exceptionally economical because he was financing the exhibit himself. Mika found the solution to his biodiversity dilemma in a 55’W x 100’L Hercules Truss Arch Building with roll-up sides. The more economical he built, the more he was able to put back into ecology. Due to the economical nature of his ClearSpan Fabric Structure, he is able to work in the Monkey Park, a foundation in Costa Rica where he rescues and rehabilitates Holler Monkeys. He hopes to put a ClearSpan building there and eventually another one in the New England area.

Many times our customers are surprised by the bonus benefits our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings provide. Have you ever made a purchase that presented an added benefit you weren’t expecting?

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