Spotlight on Show N Tail Performance Horses

Show N TailShow N Tail Performance Horses, located in the high desert of Central Oregon, specializes in youth and amateur all-around performance horses. Carolyn Horning, trainer at Show N Tail, has dedicated her life to riding and showing horses for over forty years. She currently runs a training and lesson program tailored to individuals who want to show at the breed circuit and world level shows. In order to show at that level, Horning and her students need to be able to ride and train on a regular basis. Says Horning, “We had to haul out to the fairgrounds’ covered arena during the winter months to be able to ride and instruct year round.”

Show N TailHorning discovered ClearSpan while researching fabric structures online and decided to take a look at a similar building in her area. She explains, “If you can look at a structure it helps you to get a feel for what you will be riding in.” Horning chose a large Hercules Truss Arch Building to partially cover her outdoor arena, as well as a Storage Master Building for a barn. “I chose ClearSpan not only because of their low cost, but because of their ability to finance my project and get it done in a short period of time.”

Horning had the Hercules Truss Arch Building installed at the end of her current outdoor arena to create an 83′ wide by 200′ long, partially covered riding arena. Horning is pleased with her new riding space and says, “I don’t feel like I am riding inside a damp, dark building and it provides shade to my whole arena during the summer months.” She continues, “I love the openness and natural light it provides, as well as the protection from the elements. I now have the ability to train and give lessons year round.” She is also happy with her new barn and describes it as “light and airy, requiring very little artificial lighting during the winter.”

Show N TailThough the riding arena has plenty of natural light, Horning found a surprise benefit of installing lighting in the arena. “I’ve found that the lights not only make the indoor arena extremely bright, but they illuminate the outdoor part of the arena, allowing full use even when it gets dark early in the winter months.” Overall, Horning was happy with the entire process. She adds, “ClearSpan is clearly a company with longevity, proven products, knowledgeable employees and fair prices. I love my arena!”

What activities do you like to do, but are limited from doing during the winter months?

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