ClearSpan Adventures into Small Mine Development

CS Small MiningSmall Mine Development (SMD), an underground mining contractor, develops, builds and operates underground hard rock mines in the western United States. They also happen to be one of our best repeat customers, with eight Hercules Truss Arch Buildings between their Butte, MT and Carlin, NV sites. We always enjoy hearing from our customers and SMD has sent us many pictures over the years and even participated in one of our case studies. We develop a relationship with many of our customers and jump when an opportunity arises to go visit them. Such was the case with SMD when we realized we had a trade show only two hours away from some of their Carlin, NV sites.

CS Small MiningEarlier this year, Joe Teixeira, one of our senior Truss Arch specialists was headed out to Elko, NV for a mining show and decided to take a trip to see our friends in Carlin, NV. The pictures and stories he came back with were amazing! SMD offers beginning-to-end mining services. They can do virtually every facet of your underground mining project—exploration platforms, drilling, planning, development, extraction and closure at the end of production. They are equipped to handle your entire project and they needed their buildings to do the same.

CS Small MiningFrom the weather’s unpredictability and application changes SMD’s Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are versatile and long-lasting. As a mining contractor, company’s facilities vary from project to project and they must construct their own onsite maintenance shops, fuel and lubrication facilities, equipment washing areas and general storage buildings. While Joe was visiting, he experienced firsthand why we provide durable, engineered onsite facilities—they need to withstand everything!

Small Mine DevelopmentJoe also learned that SMD has many types of projects that overlap and their needs and timeframes are constantly changing. One week they may need an onsite office to manage permitting and engineering; then, the next week, they may need a storage building several miles away. SMD’s ClearSpan Fabric Structures are easily assembled and disassembled and can move with the company as required.

Joe enjoyed his trip to SMD and we’ve enjoyed his descriptions of the sites and buildings. We’re extremely glad he had this opportunity to meet and visit our friends at Small Mine Development. Now we can share these wonderful pictures with all of you.Small Mine Development

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, what words would you use to describe these pictures?

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