Equine Affaire – New England’s Equine Wonderland

Equine Affaire MA 2012

Today’s ClearSpan blogger is Kat Hayden, one of our excellent Truss Arch Specialists.

Being a horse person in New England means that from about November 8th to 11th every year you are at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA for Equine Affaire. I am a horse person, and working for ClearSpan Fabric Structures made it double the fun.

I have been going to Equine Affaire for a long time and have always enjoyed walking Equine Affaire MA 2012through the trade show, watching the riding demonstrations and, of course, the shopping. My co-worker, Abigail (who is our fodder specialist), came with me to present fodder to the equine community. When we hit a slow point during the afternoon she turned me loose from our booth for half an hour to do some shopping. I, of course, came back with a new navy saddle pad, riding pants and a vest. I couldn’t resist the awesome sales and I was able to justify that my horse needed another saddle pad to add to his collection of about twenty. I could have spent hours wandering through the booths filled with cowboy boots, new horse trailers and saddles.

Kat and AbigailAbigail and I arrived at our booth everyday around 9 am and explained the ins and outs of fodder and fabric structures until dark. I spoke with many horse people about their plans and dreams to someday have their own riding arena. We went through stacks and stacks of business cards and talked to many folks who came from as far as Canada. As much as I love to shop for my horse and watch clinics, my favorite part of Equine Affaire was being able connect face to face with my customers. I ended up spending 30 minutes or so with my customers who had inquired with me in the past  to talk more personally about their project. Being able to meet my customers face to face helped me get a better understanding of what their project was about and helped me figure out what would be the best building solution for their needs. Overall, Equine Affaire was a HUGE success!

We love opportunities to personally meet with our customers. When did face-to-face sales help you with a purchasing decision?

Kat joined the ClearSpan team shortly after she graduated from Mount Holyoke College this past spring.  While at Mount Holyoke, she earned a degree in biology and rode on the college’s dressage team.  She has been riding for ten years and has a horse named Nate.  The barn where Kat rides at also has an indoor fabric arena, which she loves!  Kat says the best thing about working at ClearSpan is helping great horse people into the ClearSpan arena of their dreams.

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