Top Five Most Extreme Environments of ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Equipment StorageWhen you think of tension fabric structures what do you imagine? Do circus tents, outside concert tarps and reception canopies come to mind? If they do, allow me to introduce our version of tension fabric structures into your psyche. Although tents, tarps and canopies have their purpose, they don’t stand a chance against Mother Nature’s unforgiving environmental extremes. ClearSpan Fabric Structures are engineered and designed to conform to any local snow or wind load, making them an extremely durable and affordable building option for the harshest of environments. Below are the top 5 most extreme environments that house Hercules Truss Arch Buildings.

Onsite Mining FacilitySmall Mine Development is a huge fan of ClearSpan Fabric Structures. They have eight structures from us, six of which are 50′ wide by 80′ long onsite mining facilities. Out of all their locations, Butte, MT definitely has the craziest snow loads, but the structures stand up great in this environment.

Marine MaintenanceHonolulu, HI is probably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but like any island it is vulnerable to severe storms. Tropical storms, typhoons and tropical cyclones have been known to pass through Honolulu bringing with them dangerous amounts of rain and wind gusts. This 50′ wide by 94’8″ long marine work center was purchased to protect equipment and boats from such weather.

Manufacturing StorageLocated in the front range of the Rocky Mountains, Silver Plume, CO is no stranger to less than pleasant weather. Environmental Energy Partners’ two 55′ wide by 90′ long buildings used for biomass fuel manufacturing equipment and shaving storage have survived through the treacherous winters.

Yacht Painting BoothKnown for hurricane after hurricane, after tropical storm, Riviera Beach, FL, can experience winds up to 140 mph at times. This 50′ wide by 100′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building was engineered to hold up in those intense winds and provide a sheltered work area for yacht painting.

Storage and Vehicle MaintenanceOliktok Point, AK is in such a remote area, our installation crew had to travel by boat every day to reach the construction site. Providing storage and vehicle maintenance for an oil drilling company, this 60′ wide by 215′ long ClearSpan building not only withstands snow storms and nor’easters, but conditions of an arctic island as well.

Tell us about your extreme environment! Do you have extreme snow or wind loads?

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