Think Outside the Barn, Five Out-of-the Ordinary Equine Buildings

Fabric horse barnOne of the best things about ClearSpan Fabric Structures is their versatility. They can be used for almost an application and in any industry. Our buildings are extremely popular as equine riding arenas. Their clear span of space and natural light contribute to their success within this industry. Most of our equine customers require similar features and sizes when using Hercules Truss Buildings as indoor riding arenas. However, we always run into a few customers that like to “think outside the barn” and get creative with the customization options we offer.


fabric connect buildingWhy not have your arena and barn in one? We can design your ClearSpan building to match up to an existing structure, as was the case for this Lancaster, OH arena. Part of the reason behind purchasing a fabric structure as an arena is to escape from inclement weather. By connecting their pole barn to their Hercules Truss Arch Arena the owners of this 100′ wide by 210′ long building don’t have to step foot outside in bad weather.

What if you initially purchased a smaller boarding structure and are now ready to buy that indoor? Normally we’d suggest adding length on toFabric riding arena your original structure instead of purchasing a completely new one, but this Weybridge, VT customer’s smaller structure wasn’t an engineered structure. It was working out well for them and they wanted to keep it, but required a bigger engineered space for their arena. In this case we designed their 83′ wide by 105′ long building to connect with their smaller ClearSpan structure.


Roll-up sidesMany of our customers say that with the proper ventilation they prefer riding in our indoor arenas more than outside! Golden Glory Horse Farms decided to add custom roll-up sides to their 85′ wide by 168′ long indoor riding arena. Traditionally, roll-up sides are used in livestock operations, but this Woodland, WA business is reaping the benefits of their innovative thinking.

We often recommend leaving the end panels off when trying to achieve better airflow in your fabric arena. In colder climate regions such asFabric roll-up door Worthington, IA, this was not an option. Instead, the owners of this 75′ wide by 100′ long arena decided to purchase 40′ wide fabric roll-up door. This door runs almost the entire width of the building providing protection during the nasty winter months and allowing fresh air and sunshine to enter during the summer months.

A Horse’s Dream Home

Horse stallIf I was a horse, this last building is where I’d want to live! The Klodts, owners of this next structure really got creative and truly kept their horses’ happiness in mind when they bought their 83′ wide by 135′ long indoor riding arena and horse barn. The Klodts took advantage of their building’s clear span of space and decided to install horse stalls in the front end of the building. Instead of purchasing a full end wall for the front end, theyFabric horse barn decided on a partial end wall allowing for the horses to check out what’s happening outside. The horses get the best of both worlds; protection from precipitation and cold air in bad weather and access to the sunshine and fresh air in nice weather. The Klodts also provided them with a wonderful in-home gym (riding arena) and pantry (hay bale storage on top of the stalls). This Hercules Truss Arch Building is definitely a horse’s dream home!

If you were a horse what type of customizations would you want in a ClearSpan indoor riding arena or horse barn?

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