10 Most Beautiful ClearSpan Fabric Structures

There are many reasons people are turning to ClearSpan Fabric Structures as the solution to their building needs. ClearSpan buildings are low in cost per square foot, energy efficient and feature abundant natural light. Aside from those benefits, Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are very aesthetically pleasing. Let’s face it; everyone wants a good looking building, especially our customers highlighted below. I’ve compiled 10 of our most beautiful ClearSpan Fabric Structures so you can see why they are becoming more and more popular throughout many industries.

Kicking off our countdown are our very own Hercules Truss Arch buildings out in Dyersville, IA. Come on, we had to give props to our own beautiful buildings. Both buildings are used as manufacturing facilities, the building in the rear is 160′ wide by 320′ long and houses all truss welding operations. The building to the right is 100′ wide by 780′ long and is used for building fabrication, as well as shipping and receiving. We were able to double production thanks to these two lovely buildings.Manufacturing facility

Next on our list is a 72′ wide by 75′ long military building. Located in breathtaking Colorado Springs, this tan beauty blends in well with the scenery and old military base. Housing an indoor swimming pool, this structure not only looks great, but helps keep soldiers looking great too.Military building

Castleton Music Festival’s two Hercules Truss Arch Buildings come in at number 8. The 100′ by 153′ back building is used as a live entertainment venue and the 72′ by 56′ attached building is used as the reception and ticketing area. Their arched design meshes well with the rolling hills of McLean, VA.Music venue

Coming in at number 7 is our lion sanctuary owned by The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO. They wanted a building that would not only provide the lions with a more natural setting, but something that would complement the animal sanctuary property as well. They definitely achieved that with this 100′ wide by 150′ long lovely Hercules Truss Arch Building.Animal santurary

Mining sites aren’t always the prettiest, but that doesn’t mean that their onsite facilities can’t be. Small Mine Development purchased these two 50′ wide by 80′ long ClearSpan buildings, making them number 6 on our list. The color and shape of these structures accent the mountainous landscape very nicely.Onsite facility

The sanitation department of Brooklyn, NY didn’t want to compromise when it came to a great looking building. They custom ordered this 100′ wide by 138′ long white and orange colored building. Featured as the number 5 most beautiful building, this isn’t just your average salt storage facility.Salt storage facility

The Avon, CT Public Works department’s 72′ wide by 84′ long salt storage facility comes in at number 4. Camouflaged by the tree line, this green structure can’t even be seen from the road. Coupled with a custom designed foundation this is definitely one of our most beautiful structures.Salt storage facility

The white polyethylene fabric of our buildings’ covers is most certainly one of the main contributing factors to our buildings’ beauty. Number 3 on our list is a great example of this statement. Not only do our covers let natural light in, they also illuminate artificial light at night. This 83′ wide by 150′ long equine riding arena is located in Wadsworth, OH and is a superb example of why our buildings are so aesthetically pleasing.Riding arena

Number 2 on our list is another great example of how our fabric covers add a certain attractive element to our buildings. The Anacostia Boathouse Club not only ordered affordable structures, they received eye catching ones as well. Located in Rockville, MD, the 93′ wide by 140′ long vision in red is used for crew boat and kayak storage. The 55′ wide by 50′ golden structure is utilized for the association’s meeting hall.Marine storage

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Ranking as number 1 on our top 10 most beautiful ClearSpan Fabric Structures list is an equine riding arena located in Andover, OH. This gorgeous 72′ wide by 160′ long structure is owned by Swampy Oak Farm & Stable. This exquisite view looks even nicer in the spring when the trees are just budding and then again in fall with the foliage in full effect.Riding arena

That wraps up our top ten countdown. I hope you enjoyed viewing our beautiful buildings. What customizations would you want for your structure to make it even more aesthetically appealing?

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