Get Your Scare on in the Bennett’s Curse ClearSpan Building

Halloween is here again! We’re sure many of you have been frequenting ghoulish events like haunted houses, hayrides and more to get in the spirit of the season. At ClearSpan, we happen to love the Bennett’s Curse haunted attraction in Jessup, MD, because it is housed in one of our structures. We aren’t the only ones who love Bennett’s Curse, though.House of Vamyres

Voted one of America’s best haunted houses and featured on the Travel Channel, Bennett’s Curse is sure to scare the socks off of even the bravest thrill seekers. Bennett’s Curse is made up of three different attractions—The House of Vampyres, Zombie Kingdom in 3D and The Sanctuary of Insanity. These attractions feature everything from giant demons to a claustrophobic hallway to chainsaw-wielding madmen. In order to ramp up the fear factor, owners Jill and Allan Bennett wanted to be able to house all the attractions together. This was necessary not only so visitors could move quickly from one scene to another, but also so that the attractions could stay up permanently.

Haunted AttractionsBefore purchasing a fabric structure from ClearSpan, the Bennetts were using three different pole tents to set up their attractions. Jill explains, “We decided to go with a more permanent structure so we could leave the attractions up each year as well as expand on the scenes’ details.” After talking with a friend who is using a ClearSpan building for a haunted attraction, the Bennetts chose a Hercules Truss Arch Building to house Bennett’s Curse and also for storage in the offseason. “We really liked the flexibility of utilizing the ClearSpan anchoring system to create a permanent structure that can be moved if necessary,” explains Jill. She continues, “We were also surprised by the tax advantages associated with fabric structures.”

Demonic AttractionAfter the first Halloween with their new building, the Bennetts are happy with their decision to purchase a Hercules Truss Arch Building. Says Jill, “The high ceilings are great for accommodating our larger animations. The clear span of the building, with no internal supports, makes our layout easy to design and change with no obstructions. She continues, “We love the ClearSpan anchoring system which makes the building less permanent, leaving us the option to move it if needed.”

The Bennetts are as pleased with the ClearSpan team as they are with their building. “This is a versatile building and worthwhile investment which can be used for entertainment, industrial or agricultural use,” notes Jill. “The construction crew, sales staff, project manager and Zombie Kingdomcustomer service team at ClearSpan are top notch. They finished the job on schedule with excellent communication across the company and with us.”

We’d love to hear about your favorite haunted attraction! Share with us here. Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you have a blast and eat plenty of candy (no matter how old you are!).

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