Come check out a Hercules Truss Arch Building at Five Star Performance Horses

Fabric indoor at Five Star Performance Horses
At ClearSpan, we feel that “seeing is believing.” We know our buildings have tons of great features, but simply telling customers about them isn’t always enough. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Five Star Performance Horses in Guilford, CT, to create an event where anyone who is interested can come out and see a building in person. Five Star’s ClearSpan riding arena will be the star attraction at this event, which will be on Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 10am to 4pm. There will be riding demonstrations in the building, including jumping and equitation, a presentation by one of our Truss Arch Specialists, as well as a Q & A session. There will also be a tour of the facility and food, of course!

We decided to work with Erin Cecchini, the owner of Five Star, on this event after hearing how much her structure has helped her business. She explains, “Before, we only had a very small indoor building, no bigger than a round pen. The business was growing so fast and I knew I needed something much bigger.” Erin did her research and discovered a Hercules Truss Arch building was the perfect addition to her farm. She continues, “We chose a ClearSpan building because of the natural light inside and the temporary nature of the structure. If our needs change, the building can be moved. Also, the maintenance associated with fabric structures is much simpler than that of a wood building.”

ClearSpan Riding Arena Erin is excited to co-host an open house with us because she is very happy with her decision to purchase a ClearSpan structure, and so are her customers. She says, “Everyone loves the indoor arena because it’s big and bright inside.” She knows that when people interested in a fabric structure step inside hers, they will immediately notice the benefits. “Most indoor arenas are dark and dreary, so the natural light that comes through the cover makes riding inside much more enjoyable. It is also a very pretty building.”

Since Erin has already gone through the process of purchasing a structure from us, she is an excellent resource for others who are interested. This event is the perfect opportunity to ask her questions or even to discuss the benefits of riding in a fabric structure with boarders and students. Erin shared a little bit of this advice with us recently. “I suggest installing doors on either end of your ClearSpan arena because it creates a great breeze. We tend to ride inside even during the summer months because it is so much cooler.” She jumped at the chance to work with us on this event so other riders can experience the ClearSpan advantage as well, saying, “There is absolutely nothing I would change about my arena. It’s awesome!”

If you are interested in attending this event and would like some more details, email Nichole Kemp at Also, if you would like to show off your ClearSpan building, we would love to discuss the opportunity to host an open house with you, as well. We look forward to seeing some of you on November 17th!

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