Go Green with ClearSpan

Recycling Center by ClearSpan Fabric StructuresClearSpan Fabric Structures truly are buildings of 1,000 uses. From common uses like sand and salt storage, to unique applications like fishery and hatchery housing, ClearSpan buildings are the perfect solution for a wide variety of building needs. ClearSpan Fabric Structures have been quickly rising in popularity for green industry applications, such as recycling, composting, wastewater decontamination and waste material storage. This is because ClearSpan structures are a perfect fit for environmentally friendly uses. For example, keeping compost or other waste materials stored in a ClearSpan building prevents runoff and protects groundwater from contamination.

Not only are ClearSpan structures ideal for these green applications, but they are also environmentally friendly themselves. Here’s why:

Tipping Floor Cover by ClearSpan Fabric Structures
  • Frames are manufactured from 100% recycled, American-made steel.
  • Both our covers and frames can be recycled if the building is no longer in use.
  • Energy-saving features:
    • Bright, white fabric cover lets in natural light, eliminating the need for daytime artificial lighting. The amount of lights needed at night is also reduced.
    • Waste Water Treatment Facility by ClearSpan Fabric Structures
    • Temperature-stabilizing cover keeps buildings 15 to 20 degrees warmer in the winter and 15 to 20 degrees cooler in the summer, minimizing the need for heating and cooling systems.
  • Our fabric structures have fewer pests and are self cleaning, eliminating the need for harmful pest control chemicals and cleaning agents.
  • Buildings are easy to relocate and reuse. This reduces environmental impact by eliminating waste from demolition and need for new materials.

When seeking a building solution for your green application, consider the many benefits of a ClearSpan Fabric Structure and give us a call at 866.643.1010 or visit www.ClearSpan.com.Glass Recycling Center by ClearSpan Fabric Structures

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